Nelisiwe Xaba

We would never say it, but behind her outward appearance there lies a 37 year-old woman who dared to put herself on the line by staging the female condition in contemporary dance. And just by looking at the simplicity of her shows we would never guess that within her movements she weaves one of the most audacious discourses that we, in Europe, still dealing with our post-colonial guilt, have the privilege to see. Nelisiwe Xaba worked with Robyn Orlin and is part of the new generation of South African dance.

Her shows deal with the rhetoric of multiculturalism, the fakeness of expectation, the fact that being a black woman from South Africa bears a weight she didn’t ask to carry. But she does.
And she is able to show us that we cannot talk about the condition of being “another”, “a stranger,” because we are so full of ourselves that we give no space for “the other” to feel comfortable. Pieces such as “Plasticization” or “They Look at Me and That’s All They Think” are a real punch in the stomach and not as metaphorically as the ones we are used to. Especially because they come unnoticed, from the simplicity of the combination of different elements she uses as if it were nothing. ...

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Tanz Jahrbuch 2007
Rubrik: Hoffnungsträger, Seite 128
von Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

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K3 Zentrum für Choreographie / Tanzplan Hamburg

Monica Antezana beweist: Bevor sie den Goldfisch im Glas zum Tanzen bringt, gelingt es ihr, das Kiementier in sich zu erwecken. Wie sie den Bühnenboden in flinken Wellenbewegungen überquert, als ließe sie sich vom nassen Element tragen, durchmisst sie in ihrer Lecture Demonstration «We Don’t Know Where We Come From, But Come We Did!» auch in raschen Sprüngen die...


Wann gibt es schon einmal so etwas: Ein Crossover zwischen zwei Künsten gelingt – was nicht zuletzt damit zu tun hat, dass man sich an keinen Ort fest gebunden, sondern sich für eine ungewöhnliche, riskante, freie Produktionsweise entschieden hat . Und als Konsequenz setzt man die Sache nicht nur fort, sondern gründet genau dafür einen eigenen Ort. Genau so ist das...

Meg Stuart

Meg Stuart accomplished an extraordinary “tour de force” this year, presenting three new shows, working with different people each time. It is remarkable that she can do this without “using” her dancers in the old-fashioned way – as a means to an end, i. e. as people who perform what she has in mind. On the contrary, in all of these three pieces different aspects...