The Single Lighting Regulation

Effects on our industries: Stage, Film, TV, Entertainment, Live events, Photography, Equipment hire


The Ecodesign regulations affect manufacturers and suppliers of many things: fridges; vacuum cleaners; domestic and office appliances and, of course, lighting.

The regulation has honourable aims: to reduce electricity consumption in Europe by MASSIVE numbers of terawatts and tonnes of CO2.

Ultimately driven by the aims of the Paris climate accord, few would think this a ‘Bad Thing’.

Lighting accounts for a large proportion of power consumption, and LEDs have the potential to make enormous energy savings compared to tungsten and most other types of light sources. One day it will be true to say that NO other light source will match the efficacy of LED, and that day will arrive during the lifetime of most of you readers.

The trouble was, and there was trouble, our teeny weeny industry was swept up in this cause with potentially serious consequences for owners of large inventories of perfectly good tungsten lighting instruments. Some of these are mere tin cans and some are precision spotlights with many sophisticated characteristics (and a value to match) and all of this equipment faced obsolescence if the Regulation intended for households, offices and mass-market ...

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BTR Ausgabe 2 2019
Rubrik: English texts, Seite 228
von Adam Bennette