Was denkt Roberto Casarotto

Roberto Casarotto on connecting curious people

I have a simple working hypothesis: Promoting young work is good. It is less simple, though, to define what actually constitutes young work. Within the Anticorpi XL Network (an Italian network created by organisers of eight Italian regions to support young independent dance and performance artists) we consider “young” all those who have been choreographing for less than five years. There are no age limits. A lot of people start choreographing only after they finish their career as dancers in their thirties. Experienced performers – as authors, choreographers they are young.

“New work,” as you know, is always in demand. That is good. But speed can be dangerous, as well. Very often the balance tips against solid development (of nascent talent or even emerging masterpieces), towards producing stageable “results” however undigested. That kind of new work is unnecessary and certainly a bad example for generations to come. It ruins the taste of both artists and audiences. This is why I started to promote projects aimed at giving opportunities to research, to confront other professionals from various artistic fields and to exchange within the creative processes. These projects take ...

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Tanz August/September 2008
Rubrik: Was denkt..., Seite 112
von Katja Werner