Was denkt Itzik Galili

Itzik Galili über den Tod in «Swan Lake» und vor dem Fernseher

As a man of our times, you are pressured by work and love has escaped you, out of selfishness and from a sense of obligation that lacks knowledge of love. You have created a system with which you are unable to live. You recognise that this is a post-techno-capitalist era in which want, spiritual emptiness and cultural shallowness prevail; a time in which contemporaries satisfy their desire for contact through the use of innumerable channels of communication. You are a person who is outwardly alive but dead inside.

And when your time comes, as one who could die at any time, and not only inwardly, you enter the drawing room and sit in front of the TV and hop from channel to channel. Suddenly the thought passes through your mind that faced with the eventuality of your death from a shell or a rocket or kidnapping and your house being demolished, you would like to place an announcement here and now …
Do not place any importance or significance on your presence at the site of the atrocity; you do not represent anything but a statistic, as if you were in the fourth row of the corps de ballet in “Swan Lake,” a man abandoned in the march of folly. In fact you passed by accidentally, and you ...

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Tanz April 2007
Rubrik: Was denkt..., Seite 80
von Itzik Galili