Toshiki Okadas «Five Days in March»

Kunstenfestival Des Arts Brüssel

The young Japanese theatre created by Toshiki Okada and his group chelfitsch is developed by means of a unique methodology involving everyday speech and gestures, challenging the rigid terms of conventional theatre. Okada, who was shortlisted for the Toyota Choreography Award – Discover Choreographers for the Next Generation with his piece “Air Conditioner,” established his own theatre company in 1997, based at ST spot, a small performance space in Yokohama.

  Interested in the kind of physical expression typical of the young generation, Okada’s use of spoken Japanese slang as well as movement choreography to reflect the contemporary mentality has been a hallmark of his theatre since its early days in 2001.

“Five Days in March” is a fine example of his approach to theatre, describing the reality of the young generation: nonchalant, digital, selfishly seeking quick thrills. The piece looks at young people in Tokyo over five days from March 21, 2003, when the United States began the Iraq War with their air raid on Baghdad. Seven actors and actresses do not perform fictitious roles but simply talk about their experience of these five days as if casually reporting to a listener. There ...

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Tanz Mai 2007
Rubrik: Der Kalender, Seite 37
von Akiko Tachiki

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Tarek Halaby ist sozusagen ein sozio-kultureller Jochen Roller. Indem er, immerhin,...

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As the performance opened, the frail figure of Higginbotham was slumped in a beach chair in what looked more like a gravel-pit than an exotic beach, in spite of the artificial sunshine and fluffy clouds. Her movements as well as her monologues held the essence of the performance. One of the most memorable monologues was her naming of personal belongings, her voice...

Charlotta Öfverholm mit «The Last Forecast»

“Kody Zivota/the Last Forecast” by Compagnie Jus de la Vie working in the Czech Republic who share a background at the British company DV8. “Kody Zivota” is Czech for human codes, and “the Last Forecast” quotes a poem by Harold Pinter. A mildly provocative piece, it calls into question boundaries of both a personal and a political nature. 

In keeping with its...