Refreshing return to the flesh

Michael Kroes loves dancers with the ability of sculpturing their thinking bodies. Keren Levi does have the guts to ask: Can I be? Can I be with my body? Can I be through the instrument that is available to me?

In my mind Keren Levi is one of the few artists in the Netherlands concerned with what one might call “The Authenticity of the Body;” a mode of thinking that is so fundamental that it incorporates the whole of the human experience. In her aesthetic, the body is brought back to a centred state of reality involving an organic unity, making it a vehicle for either coloured or neutral communication. For instance, in “Couple Like” she engages in an intricate and moving range of alternating proximities with her performance partner Ugo Dehaes.

Their bodies sometimes propel themselves against each other violently; at other times there are moments when the barriers of skin and bone are willed into non-existence so that an organic union can be achieved. In this piece, the body is the subject as the purely physical conditions of pressure, release, balance and kinaesthetics are exercised. The inflection, the colouring of the piece, occurs in our minds as we traverse the meanings of the idea of being a “couple.” A strange transference takes place here as we watch bodies move in space while our intellect shades their every action. Each audience member has a different story to tell, yet the ...

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Tanz Mai 2007
Rubrik: Sucht das Talent, Seite 20
von Michael Kroes

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Christina Ciupke

Es gibt Kometen, die hell aufblitzen, ehe sie verglühen. Und Fixsterne, deren konstantes Leuchten darüber hinwegtäuscht, das sie sich mit lichtjahrelangem Atem fortbewegen. Christina Ciupke (der Vergleich mit einem Himmelskörper sei erlaubt) gehört zur Gattung der Fixen am Firmament. Dem Flüchtigen des Tanzes setzt sie Kontinuität, Beharrlichkeit, Radikalität, auch...

Meg Stuart zeigt «Blessed»

Regen, strömender Regen, Dauerregen auf der Bühne. Durch seine zerstörerische Wucht aus dem Bühnenhimmel knickt erst die aus Pappe geschnitzte Palme, dann sackt der aus Pappe gebaute Riesenschwan in sich zusammen. Zum Schluss gibt auch der einzige Schutz, eine Bushaltestelle aus Pappe, unter der Last des Regens nach. Sie begräbt den portugiesischen Tänzer Francisco...

The Hungry Man

Hungarian choreographer Attila Kun has been riding a bumpy road lately which every now and then throws up quite a stumbling block. He nevertheless managed to direct his energies at the stage for his work “Mindegy” (Hungarian for “Whatever …”), performed earlier this year at Budapest’s Trafó House of Contemporary Art. “Whatever …” demonstrated some of the cleanest,...