Marc Ribaud

Marc Ribaud übernimmt das Royal Swedish Ballet

Marc Ribaud, the former artistic director of the Ballet de l’Opéra du Nice, is appointed artistic director of the Royal Swedish Ballet from July 2008. Ribaud served as guest ballet master with the Royal Swedish Ballet during a period last year. So he has had the opportunity to form his own impression of the company he is now going to direct. One of his goals is to enhance it’s popularity, as he phrases it: “I would like the audience to be so happy and proud of the dancers that they could die. I want them to become so excited as to create a wave of interest.

” In this ambition Ribaud is in perfect accordance with what seems to be the first priority of the Swedish Royal Opera house – to become more accessible to the ordinary Swedes. Ribaud is a choreographer but he is clear about it that his primary task in Stock­holm will be to serve as artistic director. During his years as artistic director for a classical company he has come to realise the importance of continuity to be able to preserve tradition but also to revisit – update – the classics. “My absolutely best experience as a dancer was to dance the gypsy in Mats Ek’s ‘Carmen’,” he said. It is no mistaking that the legendary ...

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Tanz März 2008
Rubrik: Celebrities, Seite 24
von Lena Andrén

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song & dance

Zwillinge: Musik und Tanz. Together forever. Ob Johann Strauß oder Rolling Stones, beim zweiten Takt schwingen die Hüften. Aber es ist ein Machtgefälle in der Beziehung. Die Musik hat den Tanz nie gebraucht. Er hat sich der Musik angedient. Tanzschritte folgen ihrem Diktat. Sie sind Stiefgeschwister.

Wie reagiert der Tanz? Emotional. Dass der Tanz deshalb...

Gisela Rocha: “Disclose”

“She’d have been 126 years old today,” I thought, as my train passed fields and cities enshrouded by the winter dusk; an all consuming darkness, evoking perhaps the same kind of black despair that ultimately convinced Virginia Woolf to drown herself in the river Ouse in 1941. Mere speculation.

The fragment of an essay Woolf wrote sprang to mind as I travelled...

rosas blättert.

Die Chefredakteurin des Abends nimmt auf dem Programmzettel kein Blatt vor den Mund. Sie widmet ihre «Zeitung» Gérard Violette, schwarz auf weiß. Violettes Zeit als Intendant des Zentrums der französischen Tanzszene, des Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, läuft ab. Das birgt auch Risiken für Brüssels Vorzeigechoreografin, die bereits ihre Residenz in Brüssels Opernhaus...