Liminal Institute: "Protocol of Desire"


Here is a new performance by the Amsterdam-based Liminal Institute, renowned for producing hybrid performances in which dance, theatre, visual design, music and fashion interact. “Protocol of Desire” is the product of a collaboration between Martin Butler, whose previous works include “The Gemini Project”, and Renée Copraij, long-term dancer and assistant to Jan Fabre. Butler and Copraij, who both perform, question the concept of human desire: is it a matter of psychology or intuition?

The first image on stage is both fascinating and baffling.

Right in the middle, under a huge glass light bulb, two chairs face each other, pulled slightly backwards by strings. Those strings are held by two people who are completely obscured by a covering of long blond straw. After some time the musicians appear, remove the strings and uncover the people. A woman and a man appear, dressed in sophisticated suits from a bygone era. They walk towards each other and begin to perform a little choreography: Next to or behind one another, they bring in slight variations to their steps and movements. They add some floor work, taking poses that suggest a game of Twister.

Musicians Lieke Jetten and Maximilian ...

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Tanz Februar 2007
Rubrik: Der Kalender, Seite 35
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