Catherine Richards packt ihr Publikum in Folien, die elektromagnetische Wellen abweisen. Gut verschnürt kann kein Handy mehr klingeln. Eine Kunstinstallation in Karlsruhe

In Shroud/Chrysalis I the Canadian artist Catherine Richards is inviting visitors to be wrapped in protective layers of copper taffeta. Participants make an appointment during which they lay on a glass table and are enveloped in the shimmering material known for its electrical and thermal conducting capabilities. Once in the tight embrace of the transparent taffeta, participants are seemingly in a world of their own, safe from electric charges that continually encircle everyone.

Catherine Richards has explored our electromagnetic environment in her artistc practice over the last years, emphasizing the human body’s relationship to this invisible field. Catherine Richards’ work will be shown among many other works, often inspired by pioneer Nicola Tesla’s resarch on electricity, in the exhibition “Resonanzen” – bodies in the electromagnetic field.
Until October 9, at Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe, in collaboration with ZKM

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Tanz August/September 2005
Rubrik: Jenseits, Seite 102