Isabelle Van Grimde

Isabelle Van Grimde has some critical remarks on the “trans-human” body

Why do we dance why do we dance why do we dance – why do we make our very fragile, inadequate bodies dance, our beautiful, intelligent, post-human bodies dance? Post-human or is it trans-human?  I mean: Our decoded bodies choreographed within a context or without a context, yielding to the scrutiny of the spectator’s gaze … For freedom?
In the days of the decoded body, the encoded body, i. e. the trans-human or post-human body, why do we dance? Sometimes it seems that we are obsolete.

Sometimes when I watch dance performances I feel that we as choreographers are afraid that dance – that our bodies – are not enough, are inadequate and so we feel we must provide a context. We need to make sure that others see that we have ideas, that we can articulate things beyond the body and so we use theatre, new media, teachnology and hurl words across the space. We enlist the visual help of beautiful or fashionably mundane sets and the guidance of the almighty dramaturge. Through all of these dance has become the most powerful form of theatre in the 20th century … It’s great, but let me, for one moment, rebel against it!
Where is the power of the human body unadorned?
Thrusting ourselves in ...

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Tanz Oktober 2005
Rubrik: Was denkt..., Seite 76