Yasmeen Godder «Singular Sensation»

Yasmeen Godder: «Singular Sensation»

Yasmeen Godder floods her latest piece “Singular Sensation” with her disturbing, crude idiomatic moves and frustrating human encounters, offering no room for mercy or compassion. The Hebrew name – Akhushiling, esoteric, meager vernacular word, meaning: great.

In her on-going research of probing into the entrails of the individual, in order to extract the roots of every singular sensation-emotion-fear, Godder makes sure that her efforts will not go unnoticed.

In her previous work “I’m Mean, I am” she used a confining set, oppressing lion mask and glass cage which had also visual and esthetic presence, as much as optional interpretive tools of emotional state and social relations. There on stage, were four dancers but only one Yasmeen, the only convincing interpreter of her enigmatic rage and swaying moods. This time, Godder had removed herself from the equation and left the stage for five dance interpreters. The path to find the true self and dwell on inner quest for the source of excitement, contains self-probing articulated by repeated idiosyncratic actions which include flapping eyes, sticking out tongues, stretching the mouth, pinching, vomiting paint and frightening open mouth ...

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Tanz August/September 2008
Rubrik: Der Kalender, Seite 85
von Ora Brafman