Györgi Árvai: «Pre-Actio»


It was an encounter with death and those whose mission it is to inflict it on us all in a macabre, momentary and bloody ceremony of the end. And in our times when our leaders paint us pictures with their words, crafting manufactured identities of these faceless individuals: we rarely actually see the enemy they speak­ of. We are only lead to understand the concept of who they are. They are the terrorists, the human bombs, the martyrs and the murderers. They are the black while our leaders are the white.

These beings are not human, we are told, and their causes are negated by the horrors that they inflict. Maybe so, yet perhaps we blindly pass each other by at the market, in the bus or in the streets.

It is at this thought-provoking performance that gets as close to the bone as you can get where we meet them both, the “black and the white” clash in a frightening display. In this performance, we see the warriors in front of us. They are both empowered as their words are juxtaposed. We, potential victims, can clearly see the folly of both.

“The war on terror is not a figure of speech,” reads a screen, quoting US President George W. Bush in 2003, “You are either with us or you are with ...

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Tanz Januar 2007
Rubrik: Der Kalender, Seite 35
von Andrew Princz