and the Music of Time. Notes on the singular pleasure of a dance event.

Dance is movement of the human body in time and space. With the two, time and space, I find the first to be more flexible. We can divide time in a freer way, in a more varied and complex way, and still make clear what is being done, while with space we can certainly be complex within the prescribed area, but it can look, not so much complex, as confusing.

The element that underlies both music and dance is time, which, when present in component parts, is rhythm.

As an element coordinating the two arts, it is more useful when the phrase and parts longer than the phrase are considered, rather than the small particularities of accent and even of individual quality ...
In coordinating dance and music the one should not be submerged into the other, as that would tend to make one dependent upon the other, and not independent as they naturally are. The dance and music can be brought together by time, by a particular rhythmic structure of time involving phrases, which indicate the meeting points convenient for use, thereby giving to each a freedom to expressively play with and against a common structural idea.

Plato, in the Timaeus, says, “Time is the moving image of eternity.” Time, the very ...

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Tanz Jahrbuch 2007
Rubrik: Schwerpunkt, Seite 18
von Merce Cunningham

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