«Attends, attends, attends ... (pour mon père)» (english version

The choreographic work of Jan Fabre has been marked all along by the solo’s he made for dancers he loved to work with. The French dancer Cedric Charron, company member since 14 years now could not be an exception to this rule as his input in Fabre’s work has been substantial since he first incarnated a mad barking dog in «As long as the world needs a warrior soul». These portraits often told us at least as much about Fabre’s artistic preoccupations than about the dancer on stage. «Attends, attends, attends…(pour mon père)» turns out to be different however.

The piece is based on a short text, a series of monologues in between which Charron is dancing fragments of the dances he created with Fabre, beginning with the aforementioned dog. In these short moments, one sees again and again what a great and vigorous performer he really is. In these monologues, Charron addresses his father. He does so in French. He imploring his father to be patient with him. This is truly biographical, because his father never felt at ease with his son’s decision to devote his life to idle pastimes such as dancing. Charron tries to convince him however that life and art are too important to be wasted ...

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Tanz Juli 2014
Rubrik: Kalender, Seite 40
von Pieter T'Jonck