Was denkt Olwen Grindley

Olwen Grindley amüsiert ein Tanz als «nationale Identität»

You know those times when you don’t have much to occupy your mind, and your mind starts to ponder things that are floating around in your head, questions and unresolved thoughts or things people have said that don’t quite make sense? Well, recently there have been two unrelated topics that are no longer floating, but have landed and are being munched on by the molars of my mind! The first item is the question of a national identity in contemporary dance and the second is the more complex question of why the audiences for contemporary dance are so small in comparison with the numbers that ar

e willing to watch ballet or shows like Riverdance. I don’t know if anyone else finds these topics arresting, but they are sticking with me at the moment and I would love if someone had an insight or an answer to share with me, because I am not being enlightened in any way by my own thought processes, perhaps because I have less time to think as I am now gainfully employed … as a typist!
At a recent talk about the state of contemporary dance in a particular European country, the oft-recurring question of a national identity in dance was mentioned. This is something I have encountered a number of ...

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Tanz Mai 2007
Rubrik: Was denkt..., Seite 80
von Olwen Grindley

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